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Peter Roosen's NAVIG2: choose a GPS receiver


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how to choose what GPS that suit to our need. simple, just use this application



its actually a something like an online questioner, after we fill the question, it can determine what GPS product that suite to us. but unfortunately, its Germany, but dont worry, i will give you step by step in ENGLISH  :laugh:

1. Open




2. On the first page you have nothing to do, only admire the beautiful German language. Click on "Los geht’s…"(here we go).

3. On the left you find 21 characteristics of GPS receivers, divided into 5 sections. You have to choose at least 3 criteria, but should limit your choice to less than about 10, as the tool will not be very helpful with more selections. You can choose more than one in every section.

Here is a translation of the sections/criteria of NAVIG2:

A. Section tour planning

No. of waypoints/route

Total no. of waypoints

PC interface speed

Kind of flash card usage

No. of track points, manageable while on tour (in active track)

B. Section spontaneous navigation

Size (MB) of base map

Auto-navigation capability


Barometric elevation meter

C. Section screen quality

No. of pixels

No. of display colors

Diagonal size of display

D. Section outdoor usability



Waterproofness (IPX ranking)

Usage time on accumulators

Capability to swim

Operability especially with respect to motor bike driving (position of keys, size of keys)

E. Section common criteria


External antenna?

Sensitivity of build-in antenna

4. pick what your need by check the option

If you made your choice, click on "Aktualisieren". If you chose 3 criteria, you will obtain a star with 3 axes. If you chose 7 criteria, you will see a star with 7 axes. Axes are oriented such that better values are in the center, inferior values at the outside of the diagram. Orange sections on the axes indicate available ranges of criteria.

You can click on any axis of the graph to a respective value you would accept as "lowest acceptable" to receive an update on the available receivers, meeting the demands of all restrictions you made with previous clicks. You can reduce a restriction by clicking on a respective axis again in the white area.

The blue number in the center of the graph indicates the number of receivers that meet your imposed restrictions to your chosen criteria. Click on it and you will receive a table with those remaining receivers and their data. The receivers with a green column background color are those that are "pareto optimal" with respect to your individual choice of criteria.

Pareto optimality means, that you definitely have to release the quality in at least one of your criteria if you intend to obtain a better quality in one of your others. The receivers in the other columns meet also your criteria settings, but there is at least one other device that will beat it in all qualities (read: "dominates" it). In those columns the names of those dominating receivers are given at the lower end.

Finally, you can sort the receiver data table in ascending or descending order for any criterion by clicking the respective red/blue arrows.

Click on the red "?!?" left from the "Aktualisieren" button to give your opinion about the program. The authors of Navig2 would love to receive comments as the development is aimed at investigating the acceptance of multi-criteria decision making support.

thats all, find your need of GPS, simple  :tongue:

regards, LORDI

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