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Dymaxion Map Projection


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one of the projection with low distortion 





One attempt to make a better map with fewer distortions is called the Dymaxion map, also known as the Fuller Map Projection. This map was created by Buckminster Fuller, an American architect, author, and inventor. What makes the map unique is that the Earth is projected onto the surface of an icosahedron, a polyhedron that is comprised of twenty triangular faces and thirty edges. This unique shape can be flattened into two dimensions but also folded to create a three dimensional object. When flattened, the Dymaxion map shows the Earth’s continents as almost one contiguous land mass or island in the middle of one ocean. When folded, the map is a rough three dimensional representation of the earth.

The Dymaxion map from Buckminster Fuller stands out because it is the only flat map of the Earth’s surface in its entirety that does not contain any obvious visual distortions of the shapes and sizes of land masses relative to their global scales. It is also does this without splitting any of the continents. The map, however, does have an unusual configuration in order to preserve shapes and sizes. The Dymaxion map was only intended to be used for representations of the complete globe. Each triangle edge of the Fuller Projection Map lines up with the scale of a partial great circle on a corresponding globe, and the other points within each of its facets shrink towards the middle instead of enlarging around the edges like other map projections.


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