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SuperGIS Desktop 3.1 Launched Globally and support Bayanat in Military Surveying

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SuperGeo Technologies, the leading global provider of complete GIS software and solutions, announced that the latest desktop GIS software—SuperGIS Desktop 3.1 is officially launched worldwide.

Applying whole new SuperGIS Engine 3 as the development core, SuperGIS Desktop 3.1 provides more abundant GIS tools for users to effectively display, edit, manage, query, and analyze spatial data in various fields. Containing all the functionality of SuperGIS Desktop 3.0, SuperGIS Desktop 3.1 significantly improves the performance of data processing and adds a large number of editing tools.

The SuperGIS Desktop 3.1 offers both Standard and Professional editions. The standard edition supports map display, spatial data editing, management, and analysis, etc. The Professional edition not only covers the functionality in Standard edition but also provides Topology Analyst, advanced geodatabase management, and VBA customization.

The built-in Topology Analyst in SuperGIS Desktop 3.1 allows various rules to validate the spatial relationship; also, supports to display the errors clearly. As to geodatabase, SuperGIS Desktop 3.1 supports personal and enterprise geodatbases, including Personal Geodatabase (mdb), SQL Server, Oracle Spatial, and PostgreSQL.

By utilizing SuperGIS Desktop 3.1, users can read, edit, and add the vector data in geodatbase. Furthermore, the professionals can also develop the GIS manipulation functions with VBA customization tool to develop a personal GIS platform.


SuperGeo Technologies, the leading global provider of complete GIS software and solutions, announced that Bayanat purchased SuperGIS Desktop 3 to support spatial data analysis, cartography and efficient map production; consequently, promoting the services of social development, construction, and national defense in UAE.

Founded in 1974, Bayanat was born from UAE Armed Forces Military Survey Department (MSD) and is owned by Mubadala Company. The company primarily aims at conducting resource surveying and mapping with state-of-the-art equipments and technology. Through the recommendation of SuperGeo’s distributor in UAE, Bayanat purchase SuperGIS Desktop 3 to offer timely and high quality geospatial services to their clients.

Developed with the latest GIS technologies, SuperGIS Desktop 3 features more powerful geo-processing ability, numerous GIS tools, and geodatabase support, making it ideal for integrating various mapping information and increasing the use value. The officials of the department can increase work efficiency and enhance decision-making by integrating data management mechanism by SuperGIS software.

Being an outstanding GIS consulting and service provider in the Gulf Region, Evolving GeoSystems has promoted SuperGIS software to several reputed universities in UAE. With the aim of reaching the standards of military applications and staying competitive in the regional market, SuperGeo will collaborate with Evolving GeoSystems to constantly improve its GIS products and services and also contribute to GIS applications of the military in the region.


source : GISLounge

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