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ArcGis 10: Problem with Polygon editing/ creating


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I have a lot of points (conturs of lakes), which I want to connect to Polygons.

I created a new shapefile in ArcCatalog, added it to ArcGis, created a new template, started editing this template, connected all the points as "polygon", clicked finished the polygon and had my nice polygon. Sometimes, sometimes, my problems start here. 

Sometimes this works fine, then I wanted to save it. I clicked save and stop editing and suddenly the vertexes of my polygon are not at the some positions like my original contur points.

I did not use all my points to create the polygon and it looks a bit like ArcGis 10 did interpolate between all my conturs-points automatically. I could not change this later by editing, too. Always when I click save editings, ArcGis does what it want and save its own version of my lakes.

Any ideas?

Best wishes

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is very unusual this trouble like you descriptive form did for you, did you check the referencing systems, the point and the polygon are define in the seem geographic systems, are you sure if when define a new feature you chose polygon.... if have this problem you should be check all this details ...


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