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GIS Pro for iPad and iPhone Now Available

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Awesome software for Iphone and Ipad

check this out the news :


GIS Pro is now availalbe for purchase through the iTunes App Store. You can also update from GIS Kit via an in-app purchase.


- No desktop GIS software required.

- No prior GIS training required.

- Completely offline capable.

- Cache (download) open source topographic maps, street maps and satellite imagery straight from device.

- Import ESRI Shapefiles and KML/KMZ files including attributes.

- Attribute/form fields include: Alphanumeric (Description), Photos, numerical values, user defined list of values, addresses, websites, date & time, telephone number, check box.

- Easily collect new point, line, and polygon features in the field by GPS or drawing manually.

- Enter attribute values for each feature and/or add new attribute types at time of collection.

- Create templates of user defined feature classes with custom attributes.

- Comes loaded with numerous example feature templates for professional use in Forestry, Wetland Delineation, Stream Surveys, and Real Estate.

- Import and export data wirelessly by email. Larger data sets can be imported/exported by connecting to any computer with itunes.

- Filter the GPS based data collection by controlling the amount of GPS points by distance, time or accuracy

- Organize by projects and layers

- Best-in-class performance. Tested on iPad 2 with over 1 million point features!


- Raster imagery import & export (GeoTIFF, Worldfile, KML, and even non-spatially referenced images can be imported with in-app 3-point registration)

- Export Shapefiles and CSV files via email or USB with iTunes

- Export, share, and import custom feature class templates with other devices used by your team so there are no conflicts with your features and their attributes. 

- Basic WMS for additional basemap options

- Easily convert Shapefiles to KMZ files and vice versa

see the detail here :




you can buy it via app store




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