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generating id sequentially

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if I understand you correctly, I think you should change your coordinate systems somehow, put your origin in the top left, 

and make a new field YX (Y & X) of the centroid.

Normal coordinate systems are like the numbers below






  1    2  3 > X

calculate X , Y for each centroid and then replace Y with ( Y - Max (Y))




  1    2  3

use ABS function to make Y values positive




    1  2  3

then in a new field calculate ( new Y & X)

  1    2  3

0 01 02 03

1 11 12 13

2 21 22 23

then sort this new field and make sequentially numbering with python codes in the arcgis 10. 

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Exactly what you explained. bcoz of coordinates in arcgis parcels number which I m generating are in sequence but they starts from left bottom corner and goes to right. I just want to do it from upper left corner.

right now i m using script in field calculator. Got this script from ESRI forum.

Static rec As Long

Dim pStart As Long

Dim pInterval As Long

pStart = 1

pInterval = 1

If  (rec = 0)  Then

rec = pStart


rec = rec + pInterval

End If

if you have any script please share.

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