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Introduction of GIS Labs


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This set of GIS lab exercises is intended to lead students through some of the fundamental skills needed for using ArcGIS Pro and ArcGIS Online as part of an Introduction to GIS course. Created through a collaboration between KSU and UNG.

In keeping with Esri Academy's ongoing commitment to provide flexible options to grow GIS and ArcGIS skills, a brand-new e-Learning format has been added to the Esri Academy catalog. ArcGIS labs are self-paced learning options that emphasize hands-on practice through step-by-step exercises.

Each lab includes one or more scenario-based exercises, the data needed to complete each exercise, a quiz to measure your understanding of the workflows taught, and a certificate of completion for successfully passing the quiz.

As with Esri Academy web courses, you’ll need to have the software used in the lab exercises in order to complete them.

What can you learn?

ArcGIS lab topics are varied, ranging from the highly practical Working with Charts and Reports in ArcGIS Pro to the highly actionable Building an App in ArcGIS Online to Expand Food Access. Advanced topics are also available and include Downscaling a Prediction Model Using ArcGIS Notebooks and ArcGIS Pro and Visualizing Multidimensional Data Using Voxels in ArcGIS Pro. 

Students and educators alike can use ArcGIS labs to explore interesting topics and ArcGIS workflows they may not be familiar with yet—and build valuable skills to advance their GIS-related goals. 

Twenty ArcGIS labs went live today, and more will be added to Esri Academy in the coming months. Have a topic you’d like to see as an ArcGIS lab? Let us know in the comments. 


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