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  2. masuk/ gabung ke community.esri.com saja, disini dibahas tentang masalah python addon yang dimaksudkan
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  4. one of my favorite image hosting, , this is their announcement : Rest in Peace TinyPic
  5. I dont know about ready to use lidar for car, but I imagine you need to build custom for that for the start, the lidar sensor (velodyne) approx 8000 usd and above, and you need to custom mounting, cabling, controller and of cource laptop or pc for processing IMHO
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  7. Can i be a full member again, this website is great.
  8. Hello, I'm curious how much a car's equipment would cost to an inventory lidar for urban assets (road signs, trees, etc.). Does anyone have experience and idea about the cost of such an equipment ?? What are the most preferred manufacturers of equipment ??? I exclude the price of the car.
  9. https://community.esri.com/thread/239503-cad-to-gis-conversion-issues I just wanted to convert cad to gis with attributes I think this data has data level issues in joining the attributes anyone can guide me here
  10. can you please elaborate in more details, post screenshoot please
  11. Im getting the same error , Could u please check your inbox
  12. Dear Lurker, Please activate my account to acces all sub forum I'll try to become active again. Many Thanks
  13. Hi 

    I just followed as 

    1) Exported the DI Line and Oldline layers of cad 

    2) Selected the DI Line and OldLine layers from Annotation layer of cad then converted to Geodatabase annotation and by select by attributes  deleted unwanted features and done spatial Join ..

    Wrong diameter were taken in the shapefile..

    Please can you have a look over the cad file 

    I shall Highly thankful to you brother..



  14. Sorry you are having issues. What software are you trying to import the dwg drawings into? If you are using ArcMap 10 and later then the following should be of help. Convert CAD Feature Layer opens the Copy Features tool Convert CAD Feature Dataset opens the CAD To Geodatabase tool. Convert to Geodatabase Annotation opens the Import CAD Annotation tool. Alternatively you could use your existing CAD software and convert each layer in CAD to shapefile by using select by attributes then export that data as a shapefile. As with all CAD drawings you will have to decide what geometry each output will have in the new shapefile format. For example, an open ended Line, you would export as a polyline shapefile, a closed line would be a polygon shapefile and so on. Hope that helps.
  15. Its been a while amd willing to be more active in general topics. Need access. Thanks alot
  16. Dear All Hope You all are fine.. Im facing an issue with the conversion from cad to gis .. The issue is Annotation of Pipes are not being joined after the conversions . Process followed - Created an empty GDB - Exported the selected layers of pipes which are mentioned as " DI Line , DI Text and old line if available , These are pipe lines to GDB then defined projection and trying to do spatial join. The dimension which are Diamters of pipes are not being taken and symbols are being taken.. Before exporting i tried convert to text in autocad for the drawing dimension then taken to Gis , as Yousef told me to do , Even though i failed. Please guide me correct process.. Please find below the link with the files https://mega.nz/#!6dpRSIoQ!Y1hTk72osBzUBLy1Ogys36AIaLJQpzIBG4Ue6D1tPXE Thank You
  17. for this kind of high resolution data, I think better using another method, for example OBIA https://gisgeography.com/obia-object-based-image-analysis-geobia/
  18. not necessary to excel environment but : https://github.com/orbisgis/h2gis/wiki/4.2-LibreOffice
  19. You can check here for five free DEM download sites. I would recommend SRTM (Shuttle Radar Topography Mission). You can download 30m resolution over your area of interest. I did one recently but resample from the site to 10m before downloading. All the best
  20. I am enthusiastic how I can create extension same as GIS.XL for LibreOffice instead of Microsoft Excel!? I am going to know where should I start? http://www.gisxl.com/Features The GIS.XL add-in provides features and functions for work with spatial data directly inside the Excel environment. Add-in includes a standard interface, familiar from other GIS programs - Map and Legend. Combine Excel (tabular data) and spatial (map) data in layers.
  21. Are you Still Alive?

  22. Hello everyone! So i was trying to create a image interpretation key for this picture: https://imgur.com/gallery/pbs31lQ sadly i haven´t understood the image interpretation keys so good, and on internet i couldn´t find a concrete example. Could anyone create a image interpretation key for the following classes: Meadow, Agriculture, House / building, Road and this criteria: colour, texture, structure, size, shape and context for each of them. It would help me alot at understanding how the image interpretation key construction exactly works. Thanks.
  23. In your new graph each high value correspond to near distance... is like high value are inverse to distance ....if you use reclass in arctoolboxs can define por each class the value require ... here get a print screen done by me https://ibb.co/0KCj079 check there area different options to reclassify a raster...
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