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extract spectral data using SAGA-GIS

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I'm beginer in use of SAGA-GIS.

I did a topographic correction on OLI/8 image following this steps:

1- I open SRTM of 30m  (1arc ) of reolution and OLI image in Q-GIS

2- I cut the image at the study area using Q-GIS

3- I open the cut images (srtm, oli) in SAGA

4-I did topographic correction 

I looked for to extract spectral data from corrected image as folow :

1-I open a shapefile contains the points in saga, but when I display the shapefile with images the images disappears. I expected a difference between projections but the two files have same one "I think".

2- I used "add grid values to points" tool but there was no data in new created column.

I obtain same result whene I use "add grid values to shapes" tool. 



I read many tutorials I did not find some one hows talk about topographic correction or about the tools used to extract data.

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of course, 

since you have problem with coordinate/projection on both files , as you explain about image being disappear

you cannot extract point value since there are no overlap between the data

you need to fix the projection issue first

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