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Sentinel 2 and Landsat 8 classification comparison

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Im trying to compare classification products of sentinel 2 and landsat 8! 

The spectrum is from 440nm to 2200nm.

For sentinel 2, this means that i have to merge bands from different resolutions (2,3,4 from 10 m and 8a,11,12 from 20 m).

Why does Sentinel 2-20 m data has available all bands and not only those pre mentioned?

Should i just merge all bands of interest from 20 m resolution and then resample the multispectral img to 30 m so i can compare them with landsat 8?

Or should i resample the bands 2,3-4 from 10 m to 20 m then stack them together and then resample again to 30 m?

What do you suggest?

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classification for different product with different resolution and spec, really bad idea

but if you insist, 

simple way, just take all necessary bands, and re-sample it directly to to 30 m

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