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Thermal Infrared Atmospheric Corrections

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I am trying to understand what all is out there in terms of applying atmospheric corrections (i.e. calculating atmospheric transmittance and downwelling thermal radiance) to Thermal Infrared remotely sensed data. I know that ENVI has corrections for the TIMS Scanner. I also know that Landsat 8 higher level products have corrections through the Landsat Surface Reflectance Code (LaSRC). However, I am more interested in trying to find solutions not necessarily from satellite based thermal imagery but from airborne (and to a lesser extent) UAV based platforms. Are there methods that can determine these parameters on these two platforms? The most popular method is with MODTRAN, but it is quite expensive, and I wish to find other alternatives that more cost-effective.

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for free alternative of MODTRAN you can use this :


but only for satellite data

UAV based remote sensing relatively new, so ready made solution for atmospheric correction still in developing

I got one journal that match this topic, interesting topic 

Research on atmospheric correction and surface reflectance inversion of UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) remote sensing data

let me know if you need it

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