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Simultaneous data from Landsat 8 and Terra's MODIS

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I'm conducting a research of the surface temperature of a in-land reservoir in Brazil. To estimate the surface temperature, i'm trying to use Landsat's TIRS, bands 10 and 11, and MODIS MOD11A1 thermal product. MODIS has way too low spatial resolution for my study site, while Landsat's TIRS has high resolution, but no solid LST algorithm.

I intended to compare both sensors data to create a regression curve, but i stumbled on the fact that I can't find simultaneous data from both satellites. MODIS offers daily data (at 10.30 AM) , while Landsat 8 delivers one image every 16 days (at 10.00AM). They should have simultaneous data every 16 days, but that doesn't happen.


Every time I find a Landsat8 image from my area, the corresponding MODIS data presents a blank/void/null stripe, exactly over Landsat's 8 data.

Does anyone know more about it? Why can't I find simultaneous data from Landsat8 and MODIS Terra?

My study site can be found at: 
20° 44' 17" S ; 45° 56' 01" W

Sorry for any grammar mistakes. English is not my native language.

Thank you!


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that is weird, have you try to check all MODIS archive for past time with same coverage and time with Landsat 8?

Yes. I've cheked every pair Landsat-MODIS in the archive. The problem happens everytime there is a "simultaneous" landsat 8.

The example in the picture below is from the date 2014-183.

The red polygon is my study site. The purple image is Landsat's, and the gray area is a valid MODIS Data. Note that there isn't much valid MODIS data over Landsat8 image.


A "Null data ident" exist on MODIS image, exactly where the Landsat 8 image is.

The day 183 image has this ident, while the images from the days before and after are fine. Sixteen day later (day 199), I have another image of Landsat 8, and, again, another "Nulldata" area of MODIS.

This happens for all Landsat images of this area. Not this date only.


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