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Site Selection for Helicopter Landings

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Hi there

I'm trying to build a "model" that could do our job a bit easier in the field. I want it to find the most suitable place for a Helicopter to land. I want it to do it based on a DEM 1.6m and to locate sites with 25x25 pixels, 100x100 pixels, 1500x1500 pixels and with no obstacles.

Any ideas of "how to begin" the project ????

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hem, first you need to list the variable for those model, and after that what source of data for the variable

DEM will be good for topography, you need a flat land to make a landing pad, but there is another variable that still need to consider


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I used the DEM to find a slope at max. 7degree.

I used all the obstacles (FC converted to raster) as a mask.

I exstract these from each other and has now a raster with properly usable terrain.

But when i want to find 100x100 pixels in this (160meter x 160meters square for a large Helicopter) raster with the tools i know of, it finds 10.000 pixels and this could be 1 x10000 or 25 x 400 etc........I can't seem to force it to 100x100 as a square or cirkel.

Anyone ?

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