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WISroGIS Webris - Joomla WebGIS Plugin

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Interesting plugin, I just lurking into those sites, sound promising for building Webgis based on Joomla

thanks for my friend that actually bring this stuff on FB and I've been able to discover and searching in deep

from their sites, it said :

WISroGIS Webris is a Joomla component & plugin for Joomla 1.6/1.5 - (mambot for Joomla 1.0.x) that allows the fast integration of common GIS formats to be shown on interative maps in Joomla! CMS instantly. Allows several instances of the plugin within the same page for quick display of various thematic maps.

you can see the demo here :




you can make interchangeable base and overlay layers

some function are :

Create your own Joomla interactive map with exchangeable base and overlay layers, combining server's imported layers with vector information and/or GeoRSS,KML,WKT for markers information display.

Quick display and combine of various GIS data sources, including OpenGIS Consortium's WMS protocol.

    Placemarks Slideshow on map withlimit and sort parameters

    jQuery interface for extensions display

    Nominatim location search - geocoder extension

    Multiple waypoints for routing

    Placemarks world travel sample data

    Country flag styles added to library

    Placemark layers -  list markers below map

    Britain's Ordnance Survey OpenSpace support

    Image overlay Support

    Joomla geotagged articles layers management

    Zoomify layers

    OpenStreetMap layers;

    Google Maps;

    Yahoo! Maps;

    Bing (Virtual Earth);

    MapServer CGI;

    Web Mapping Service (WMS);

but the bad parts is, you need to buy it for 65 pound

sound promising, in Joomla only few plugin for GIS or WebGIS, this plugin, sound professional  :shocked:

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This plugin is a good solution if your in the need of rapidly deploying maps in your existing joomla site. But better give OpenLayers a try. Openlayers is the backend of this pluging, but without the support and investment.

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