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Found 4 results

  1. halo teman-teman gisarea indonesia kebetulan saya sedang mengolah data ALOS PRISM untuk tutupan lahan kota semarang. disini saya menggunakan software Erdas Imagine 2014, saya agak menemui kesulitan dalam prosesnya & semoga diantara teman2 disini bisa membantu memberikan masukan. "apakah tiap kita membuat signature untuk satu nama kelas harus dengan satu area of interest (AOI)? apakah bisa membuat satu kelas dengan banyak AOI? karena dari pengolahan data saya, tiap satu nama kelas harus satu AOI dan hasil supervisednya berantakan." terimakasih
  2. I'm trying to do a fuzzy land cover classification using maximum likelihood classification. I need to get the probability of each pixel to fall in a particular class. Some equations have been formed based on gaussian distribution to calculate the fuzzy membership value corresponding to each pixel. To calculate this value each pixels are to be considered individually and substituted in the following equation: D = (X-M)^T * (cov)^-1 * (X-M) where X is a 4*1 matrix representing the DN for a particular pixel in 4 bands. I'm trying to do this using erdas imagine model maker, but failed to call each
  3. Intergraph just released the newest version of world-famous remote sensing and image analysis package Erdas Imagine. One of the most exciting update is the package now has a totally separate release for 64x pcs, so no memory bottleneck ! Let's take a look whats more inside, new sensor (including Landsat 8, SPOT6) and datum support, LUT Stretch and Filter Galleries with real-time preview, Spatial Modeler enhancements, with Image Segmentation operator, Point cloud and LiDAR operators and Generic Command-line operator – Run ERDAS IMAGINE and 3rd party executables IMAGINE Developer’s Toolk
  4. At last Integraph announced the the latest features of their most popular image analysis packages - Erdas and Geomedia. At the end of this year we expect the new release of their software, the 2013 release. According to http://field-guide.blogspot.com, the features could be , The Model Maker transition into Spatial Modeler Pull architecture for real-time processing to viewer Faster file creation Write real-time to 2D Viewer and create a file faster than Model Maker can make a file [*]Pull architecture based on ERDAS ER Mapper concepts [*]Python in Spatial Modeler Use custom designed a
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