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  1. Yes I have access to ArcMap, but I don't know how to use it. I can't make it do what I need. There also might be an error in the file. But unpacking the tpk is easy. In fact it's a zip container, so any decompressor can unpack it. The problem is what you end up with. The raster data is stored in bundle files and there seems to be no software out there that can actually unpack it other then ArcMap, but it does only unpack it for display and not into usable files.
  2. Yes, that's exactly what I'm trying to do. However, since I've never used ArcMap I can't get it to do anything to export the whole map. Especially I want just a "copy" of the original raster data - no resampling that would blow up the file size or loose sharpness and readability. Is there any other software that could convert the *tpk or the bundle/bundlx file inside? If not, how can I do that in ArcMap? BTW: QuoVadis can read a whole lot more formats. Your link is more about the GPS-point stuff. http://wiki07.quovadis-gps.com/doku.php?id=en:35_maps:l_gis#supported_formates
  3. Hi! I have several *.tpk ArcGIS offline tile cache packages. The largest is 550MB. I want to use the raster data of the bottom (highest pixel) zoom level in other software, particularly QuoVadis. I also have access to ArcMap (which I have never used before). Exporting smaller tpk files into TIFF with worldfile does work nicely, but the larger files show 1000 TB uncompressed size and any export attempt from ArcMap ends in an error immediately. The 500MB tpk file is very efficient, though and handles very quick in its native android app. What other widely used formats could I convert this tpk into and how? I have used mostly ECW and SID for such stuff, but ArcMAP can't write either :-(
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