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  1. According to a research made recently, it was discovered that there are some of the Artificial Intelligence products which could prove more beneficial when applied to remote sensing applications. Those tools are:- knowledge-based systems, fuzzy logic concept, automatic data acquisition, neural networks, genetic algorithms, case-based reasoning, and Ambient-intelligence Find more about remote sensing applications here:- http://www.rolta.com/americas/industries/government/solutions/digital-photogrammetry-imaging-2-2/
  2. Having accurate data to support operational, engineering and analytical processes is critical to achieve organizational excellence Accurate and a precise data is needed to provide support to your organizations operational, engineering and analytical processes inorder to achive an execellency mark. With the use of our product OnPoint by Rolta and our BI capability, we include the clients inour data services delivery center. Our services include:- Data Conversion & Migration, 3D Database Creation and Maintenance Photogrammetry. Find out more here:- http://www.rolta.com/americas/services/gis-services/
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