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  1. Lurker's post in Calculate Volume in GIS was marked as the answer   
    with arcgis, you can use one of toolbox's tool, called surface volume, but first you need to convert contour line into surface data, it is basically raster data
    you can convert it with conversion tool from arcgis.
    hope it helps
  2. Lurker's post in How to Delete Common Roads (Polylines) from Shapefile was marked as the answer   
    so those identity are identical? you can use selection by location, IMHO
  3. Lurker's post in removing unwanted background from dem in direction hydrology process was marked as the answer   
    is it on arcgis?
    after you finish your analysis, with your boundary you can crop your image to match with the boundary only
    dont forget to check on "Use input features for clipping geometry (optional)"
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