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  1. Hi owenransen, I'll bite on your question, I don't think it's a matter of people not caring about being able to convert LAS to DXF, more that DXF is a CAD/drawing format and not a true remote sensing/GIS format. CAD is used more for drawings and dafting, not data creation or analysis, I mean that the DXF format and associated programs were never designed to view massive datasets all at once. I would never look at a LAS file in AutoCAD and expect it to draw quickly anymore than I would expect ArcGIS/MapInfo/ERDAS... to be capable to draw arcs, lines or polygons with the precision and survey gra
  2. Thank God for this!!! MapInfo needs to step into the 21st century at last!! So tired of being made fun of by all the ArcGIS and ERDAS users! Today was a good day!
  3. Hi all I've been searching high and low for an answer to an issue I'm having with a DEM created in ERDAS LPS 2013, our DEM is completely inverted! The river valleys are now ridges ~700m and the ridges are the valey bottoms ~300m! A screen shot is here There are ten images in three flight lines with nine GCPs per image and ~16,000 tie points shared between all images. Any help would be greatly appreciated, the ERDAS help and forums are completely useless!! Thanks!!!
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