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  1. enbo

    Landscan data

    quite old post, but nobody know yet where is "available" this database? Thks
  2. enbo

    Landscan data

    Hi all, I'm searching for the population Landscan 2011 database. Does someone can help me in this quest? Thanks a lot
  3. Hi eliasj (don't worry about your english, it's not better than mine...) Thank you for suggestion, I don't know this software but it seems to fit my needs looking at the related website (http://www.purview.com/index.html). I'm working with ArcGis 9.x and eventually I can contact the company to ask if they have previewed a future release for AG 10.x What I need essentially is to analyze stereoscopic images acquired by satellites (SPOT, ASTER, WorldView_II, Ikonos...) for geological analysis to extract linear patterns (joints, faults..), structures (folds), and for geomorphological purpose
  4. Thank you Emperor, at least one reply... I've placed the same question in different GIS/RS forums but at today you are the first person that give me a reply... It appear that this is "no mans land" domain... Thanks
  5. Hello everybody, I need to analyze anaglyph images with my remote sensing software (ENVI ZOOM) but I would avoid to use the red/blue glasses, and substitute these paper glasses with the more advanced 3D Vision NVIDIA system. This because I need to analyze a huge amount of images and after one working day, without R/B glasses, I see red in one eye and blue in the other for at least 1 hour... My question is: there is someone in this forum that work with this kind of system for 3D landscape analysis on GIS/RS softwares? What system did you suggest? My images occupy sometimes huge volum
  6. Thank you very much. This will be a good starting point. I've a little knowledge of this "language", and what I'm searching is a more structured tutorial. I think that the book Getting to know ArcGIS ModelBuilder will help me a lot. Also if not available as ebook somewhere, probably I'll buy it. Thanks again.
  7. Dear users, I'm new in this forum, and I'm really wondered about the in-deep knowldege of the different users that kindly share theire experience and "savoir faire" in the GIS domain. I've done a short reserch on the forum but I've found nothing of interesting concerning the ArcGIS model builder language. My request is what are the best book that can be acquired concerning this language or if there is a good tutorial that analyze more in deep the matter than the ArcGIS tutorial available with the original software. Any suggestion will be welcome. Thank you.
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