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PGSQL Enterpise GDB connection error


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Did anyone face this error? 


I am repeatedly facing this while connecting ArcGIS Desktop to PostgreSQL. I installed the PostgreSQL with apt-get inside an Ubuntu vm. The vm also has Enterprise 10.5.1 installed and configured. The plan is to configure the Portal once this connection is done. 

I have already tried copying the ST_GEOMETRY file (*.so) for v9.5 (/usr/lib/postgresql/9.5/lib) but that didn't work. Also tried 9.4 and 9.6. Tried both desktop and server files. -_-

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Oh, the flashbacks... This is one of the factors that pushed me to QGIS.

Anyway, you have to download correct ST_Geometry library from ESRI site. Thing is - ESRI lags behind PostgreSQL versions. So you can't use the latest or even second latest PGSQL.


EDIT: Most important question - what version of PGSQL do you have and has ESRI explicitly announced their support for it?

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Forgot to ask about PG version
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The ubuntu apt-get channel currently installs 9.5 version, which I already mentioned. I tried the PGSQL 9.4 as well, with the downloaded files from 'my esri', still no response. Should I try 9.3 as well? 9.3 is still supported (minimum requirement page) for 10.5.1 but not for the 10.6. 

Update (26 Jan): three days already passed since I asked for a fix and ESRI South Asia couldn't respond. Meanwhile I compiled the exact version of PGSQL (9.5.3) from source, still no luck. <_<

Update (31 Jan): They asked me for a teamviewer session which I happily participated. They said, they will 'recreate the linux version of this error and let me know'. I hope they have a linux expert in Singapore or send this to someone at USA. People in ESRI Southasia region - beware. :wacko:

Update (5 Feb): I can't believe they are still 'researching and looking for the solve'. By this time I installed Desktop 10.6 and able to solve this with same file from 10.6's folder. I am not saying anything to these 'engineers'. 

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secretly solved
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Update (7 Feb): Finally I requested to close the issue, after suggesting the solve to them (which was suppose to the other way around). B) 

I hope they note this issue carefully and flag this issue as a bug. I could have done this myself if I'd know how. I am also surprised they didn't immediately have a solution, pokes back and forth once in everyday after lunch (though they immediately asked me if I want to close this issue once I suggested the solve !!).  

Wish me luck...

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