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ArcPy Random Polygons Help


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I need help creating random polygons of circles and rectangles using ArcPy. I'm using ArcGIS 10.3. I'm very new to programming and still don't understand a lot. But if someone could assist me with the python coding to create random some type of random polygons on a map. The polygons can be circles or rectangles. They type of polygons, doesn't matter too much.

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i want to create this using ArcPy, which is where it gets confusing for me. Using ArcPy, I am trying to take a map and create code to make random points, or lines, or polygon's (with shapes as circles or rectangles, or can be anything basic). Or if you could assist me in merging feature classes. That would help also

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if you need full solution kindly post or PM me whatever coding you have done.

you can follow steps in the link below to generate random points using arcpy...


this is the link for creating buffer using arcpy....


the output shapefile of the random point will be the input file for buffer generation...

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