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Very generic question. Just like usual, there are not fixed rule. 

  • 'climate change' and 'population hazards' are likely to become a more of a political term (as it usually does, when we can't solve problems any more we start blaming others). These two terms are earning more for politicians now-a-days. We should get used to of this. 
  • a more recent and obvious field for researchers could be 'criminology' driven by 'social insecurity'. More and more people are becoming restless, domestic crimes are increasing, and a lot of policy makers don't know why. It could be a something in between 'behavioral' and 'natural science'. We haven't tried any technology for this field yet. 
  • with the rise of AI, big industries are replacing their labors with machines. The Asian countries already realize this and will soon start building their own skills. 
  • smartphone and tablet based decision support system are likely to see a new era. It is probably the fastest way to on-board a good number of people and communicate within different social and age-groups. I am currently working in a similar field and the scope is likely to widen in the coming days. 
  • with increasing number of hand-held devices, the pattern of internet use and communication has also chanced. Cloud-based data infrastructure and computing are getting popularity. JavaScript and HTML are building consumer brands - softwares and apps. Asynchronous data sharing and communication are getting part of our life, (ie. Twitter and Facebooks). This also leads to a new problem, fast transmission is spreading flawed and dangerous information. We haven't tried adding locational (in situ) information to justify them beforehand.       
  • there will be a good number of innovative Location Based Services in the coming days. AR and VR based technologies are likely to come out of the 'entertainment industries' soon.
  • we already know that the number of free source satellite imageries will increase in the coming days. Open-source tools and libraries will become abundant, so does the opportunity to use these and build GIS-based tools which doesn't need expert hand. 

Almost all good universities of the world are currently studying GIS and RS. By the end of the next decade, almost all small and big organization will have at least one desk for their 'GIS analyst'.

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