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SQL Server: How to create Wedge (ST_Geometry)


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I want to create a Wedge in SQL server without using any mapping tool like ArcMap, which will be visualized (only) in ArcGIS. Unfortunately, ST_Geometry is not supported in SQL Server and CircularString is not supported in ArcGIS. 

I assumed to create a buffer around a point but my actual requirement is just a wedge (partial circle with start and end angles). 

For Example, for parametric wedges in PostgreSQL/PostGIS

sde.st_geometry (x, y, z, m, startangleendangleouterradiusinnerradius, number_of_points, srid)


Is there anybody who can guide me to create this through any logic?



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Python could be workaround. Try this,


The tool uses arcgis licenses and needs access to it's tools. Probably you'll have a  shapefile to view in arcgis which can also be stored in your database.  If you do not have the licenses try matplotlib

wedge = mpatches.Wedge(grid[2], 0.1, 30, 270, ec="none")
label(grid[2], "Wedge")
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