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Compatibility of GIS and GNSS Master Level Qualification

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Hi folks,


       I have a background in civil engineering and have been actively working in GIS field for last several years after acquiring a postgraduate qualification in GIS. As my work is mostly concerned with LBS and mobile mapping, I have gradually realized the importance of different GNSS solutions and can also see the rapid expansion in this field.



   I wanted to take some certificate level courses in GNSS hardware / software as well as its utility from RS point of view, but the problem is that there is only one such university in my area which offers a masters level degree in GNSS. If I need to take any GNSS courses, I will have to seek formal admission to the program and only after that I shall be allowed to attend the classes. I am even willing to do that but a little skeptical about how a fulfledged degree in GNSS will fit in with my GIS qualification. Only thing I can think of right now is that it may open some more research opportunities if I opt to pursue PhD studies.



  I would request that if some friend here has expereince in working with both GIS and GNSS, then please share it here for my guidance and also comment if I should pursue a master level qualification in GNSS after having a similar level qualification in GNSS. 



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