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OS Street View map not sharp / clear

Dazza The Stag

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Hi all


This is my first project and whilst I have worked my through most of the basics, I can't seem to get a clear view of the OS Street View map in QGIS.


I have downloaded the TIF file from OS and if i open it with the standard MAC preview, i.e. just double click on the file the map is really clear.


However when I open the same file in QGIS everything is slightly blurred, this is either in the main editing screen or in the print composer screens. I have also tried to print the file and its just as bad. Surely if the original file is the correct quality loading it into QGIS should downgrade it in any way ?


Keeping in mind this is my first project - is there anything that I should do or maybe haven't done that would cause this to happen ?


I have tried to attach of screenshot to show what I mean but as far as i can see i can only add a link to a file rather than upload it


Any suggestions appreciated



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