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What unit of measurement is rxwaveform from the gedi l1b dataset in?

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Rxwaveform is listed in GEDI's data level product L1B's data dictionary as "The corrected receive (RX) waveforms. Use rx_sample_count and rx_sample_start_index to identify the location of each waveform. " This can also be seen in the attached image. I understand that waveforms are typically measured by amplitude as a function of time(or height), but are the values listed in rxwaveforms amplitudes? It doesn't explicitly say amplitude in the data dictionary, and what unit of measurement is amplitude in (if it is indeed amplitude). The second image is the data values of rxwaveform in matlab; and what is the significance of rx_sample_count in relation to rxwaveform?

The images of the data dictionary and values of rxwaveform in matlab are hosted here: https://imgur.com/gallery/oltzkEY

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