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From download Landsat images to NDVI (step by step)

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Dear all,

sorry if this topic exist here...

I have a few question:

I have downloaded three Landsat images (L1TP) because my study area is very big, there is overlapping between images. I would like to make NDVI for that area, and I am interested what the steps are:

Do I need to do atmospheric correction first, then I have use copy raster tool to eliminate black NoData part of the images?....after that how to merge (join) images but to avoid lines because of overlapping. After that I guess I can make NDVI? 

Thank you all in advance :)   

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see here :


here the link that compare both method :


some people prefer to mosaic first and then analysis like me, and some prefer analysis first and then mosaic

you may read to see the differences and make a decision

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