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Extract bamboo signature using Worldview 3 8 bands imagery

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Hi everyone, 
I have a project which is require to extract bamboo by using remote sensing technology.
Is there any way to extract bamboo from other forest using worldview 3 8 bands multispectral ?
Looking forward for your feedback.

Best Regards,

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I think it is possible using WV3

What kind of analysis you going to perform ? single time or multitemporal. Multitemporal analysis going to needs more imagery rather than single imagery. 

If you only have single imagery covering certain region, what you must first do is develop or looking for spectral signature of bamboo tree, after that you can perform smooth classification like linear spectral unmixing, or hard classification like maximum likelihood to extract the bamboo forest based on those spectral signature. machine learning segmentation can also be used, some software has implemented machine learning classification which is very advanced and has been used widely. 

If you have multitemporal imagery, it will be better, because now you are enabled to monitor vegetation dynamics over the observation period. You know at certain season, vegetation will drop it leaf and regrowth it at the spring or summer. And every vegetation type behave differently to weather and climate, that information can be used to separate one type of vegetation to another one, include bamboo. 

good luck

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