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Showing “homemade” map data in webclient using Python and Flask?

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What do i need to do with the data to present a map on screen in a website and to be able to interact with it?

I want to make a map with my own data stored in postgres, and be able to create polygons and chains of straight lines using mousepointer to send postgis queries back to the server.

I want to use Postgres with Postgis, and Python3 using flask.

My example:

  1. I need the shapes stored in a database (postgres for example)
  2. I need a technology to calculate data positions for me (ex. postgis)
  3. Then i need something that talks to Postgis (ex. GeoAlchemy2)
  4. Then i need a javascript client to show the data? (like QGIS Web Client?)

Giving me alternative libs/extensions/apps i can use for my project is a bonus

Thanks in advance.

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