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My question is mostly GIS related about employment. I saw the other forums for both of these topics - but there are more recent postings in this forum.


I'm a student, studying GIS by distance at home. I live in a small town and am not interested in commuting hours to work each way.


I would ideally like to work from home, not as a freelancer - because I have zero experience, other than course work. I would like to work as an employee either part time or on contract - from home.


1. Is this possible?

2. How would I get access for company files, information, using Arc or sharing data etc.

3. What kind of technology would allow me to do this?

4. Is this what working remotely means?

5. What is Enterprise GIS and does this allow me to work from home?



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1. yes it is possible, really rare opportunity but possible with current technology

2. there are many platform to do this task, but mostly you need a internet connection and permission setting/ account to access it, for spatial technology this remote access also possible

3. using database, permission access and secure connection.

4. yes

5. enterprise gis, you can read here :




pretty much yes

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