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google earth high resolutiom image download

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You can get it on Google Earth Pro.

Alternatively High/Very high resolution satellite images can be obtained from LandViewer.

Along with free medium-resolution images, you’ll get access to commercial data from Airbus, SI Imaging Services and SpaceView.

Here’s a quick guide on satellites and their image quality:

  • Pléiades 1A, 1B (up to 0.5 m/pxl)
  • SPOT 6, 7 (up to 1.5 m/pxl)
  • SPOT 5 (up to 2.5 m/pxl)
  • KOMPSAT-2 (up to 1 m/pxl)
  • KOMPSAT-3А (up to 0.4 m/pxl)
  • KOMPSAT-3 (up to 0.5 m/pxl)
  • SuperView-1 (up to 0.5 m/pxl)
  • Gaeofen 1 (up to 2 m/pxl)
  • Gaeofen 2 (up to 3.2 m/pxl)
  • Ziyuan-3 (up to 2.1 m/pxl)

Both optical and radar data is available — with global coverage, and short revisiting period that varies from 2 to 5 days.

All you need to do is set search parameters (coordinates, date, cloudiness %), then choose one from the results for a preview. The cost will be shown immediately, and the entire purchase will take around 3 days.

An example of such imagery can be seen below:


Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates. - Land Viewer | EOS

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