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Errors in World View 2 imagery

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I´m having a hard time with a World View 2 image, the problem is that I got this image and when I was working with it I realised that it had some errors that I assume are related with the orthorectification or georreference (it is supposed that it alredy came orthorectified and georreferenced from the provider), so I'm looking for a quickly solution to this problem because if i send it to the provider it would take a lot of time for them to send me the corrected image and I'm in a hurry at the moment with the times.

So the first thought that came to my mind for fixing the problem was to go to the "raw" data and look for the scenes where the error in the final product is located, after that, I made a mosaic (because it was located at 2 scenes). Once I had the mosaic I started georeferencing the new image using the final product as reference, first I made a test with 150 reference points and it seems nice, it only had a shift of no more than 3 meters in some areas (at the beginning it was up to 35 meters) and more than the 60% of the image adjusted well with the reference, when I started to introduce more points to correct the shifts and when I made another test the image started to distort, so right now I'm looking for any idea that could help me to solve this problem, as I said I don't have much time because I have to hand this image as soon as posible to be introduced in a GIS(so the image must adjust very well with the cartography in the system)

The total area of the image is 880 km^2, and the bug is located in an area of 100 km^2 approximately.

Just as reference I'm working with ERDAS IMAGINE 2015, but I have available ENVI and ArcGis software also.

I'm attaching a view of the error in the image to lustrate how it looks like.


I'll appreciate any idea, thank you all....


Original product




Georreferenced (150 points)



Georreferenced (150 points) VS original product



Georreferenced (250 points) VS original product


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hi, i don't know for erdas, but with some other softwares this can be because of a orthorectification of an image using a SRTM as default terrain model. What i mean is that if you have an autoload of terrain and the sw takes srtm and do a ortho-on-the-fly, you can get those kind of errors.


My advise : take arcgis (10.3 or greater) and open the .imd file of your original file (see the video here).. it you still get the error, it's clearly a mistake of DigitalGlobe..


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