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Best band combination for riparian vegetation

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hi everyone, I'm working on riparian vegetation degradation. I would like to know the best composites for riparian vegetation studies using Landsat TM, ETM+ and Landsat 8. Thanks

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vegetation , you need infra red band for this


for the detection, I would like to use NDVI or any kind of vegetation index to automatically detection

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I would highly advise to use Infrared or NDVI index for such purposes. You may access Landsat data via satellite imagery service like LandViewer. This tool has a vast database of satellite imagery and numerous tools available for image analysis.

NDVI is often used around the world to monitor drought, forecast agricultural production, assist in forecasting fire zones and desert offensive maps. NDVI is preferable for global vegetation monitoring since it helps to compensate for changes in lighting conditions, surface slope, exposure, and other external factors.

As seen below, one is dark green, the other one is light green with brown spots. It indicates that the first field has higher biomass.



Infrared band combination allows vegetation to be readily detected in the image. Vegetation emerges in shades of red, soils vary from dark to light browns and urban areas are cyan blue or at sometimes can appear yellow or grey, depending on their composition. Clouds, snow, and ice are light cyan or white. Hardwood trees will appear light red than Coniferous. Clearwater appears dark-bluish, while turbid water appears cyan.

Below is a Color infrared band combination applied to Sentinel-2 image in order to highlight vegetation (croplands and forests):


Dörtyol/Hatay, Turkey. Nov 02, 2018 - Land Viewer | EOS


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