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What's the substitude for rsgislib in windows?

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Hi, I am now trying to build a python based image processing simple application.

However I found out that the perfect match library rsgislib is compatible in Unix like environment. I don't know how to use it like normal libraries in Windows environment. Is there any substitute library for rsgislib, or is there a way so that I could let it compatible with windows environment?





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RSGISLIB uses GDAL/OGR's C library with Python binding, it's not Python based. Almost all of today's geoprocessing and remote sensing applications use GDAL and OGR. In Windows you can either install GDAL and OGR utilities inside python, or use it in CLI. You can even try Orfeo-toolbox. Windows has a wonderful tool called OSGeo4W which can guide you to install many OSGeo utilities along with their dependencies. 


Also answered here

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