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Fortran missing dll files

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oke, one of my collague build fortran based modelling software, after that he try to compile it to check function work properly or not.

this apps run perfectly on machines where the apps developed.


but when the exe file moved to another pc dll missing occured


ok I know we need to also moved all linked librrary related to the exe files, but I dont have any resource explain that


try to install the compiler and all library needed for developing, in the new computer but still dll missing error


how to compile all resource including linked library into one big exe files, rather one small exe with many dll?


note :


using tdmgcc for compiler :


and code:block for IDE


any idea?

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update :


static linking seems promising, but for windows seems need to install Cygwin :wacko:


update :


oh no, for tdm-gcc :

Static runtime linkage (libgcc & friends)

    TDM-GCC doesn't link your programs with the libgcc or libstdc++ runtime DLLs by default.
    Other toolchains default to DLL runtime linkage in order to allow you to throw exceptions among DLLs and EXEs.
    TDM-GCC lets you throw exceptions among DLLs and EXEs even with the static runtime.
    Your programs will not rely on any additional DLLs when compiling with default options.
    TDM-GCC still includes DLL versions of the libgcc and libstdc++ runtimes, which you can enable for your program with "-shared-libgcc" and "-shared-libstdc++" if desired.

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