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Which GPS app is better for android?

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There are number of applications on GPS in android, but it depends on the purpose of your application requirements.


For data collection there are many free applications, even ESRI has launched free application if am not wrong.


1. Sygic, 2. google, 3. telenav, 4. mapquest, 5. mapfactor, 6.mytracks, 7. GIS Cloud, 8. mapit, 9. BHUVAN PoI and bhuvan drishti and 10. ARCGIS and Collector for ArcGIS ...and so on.


Of course Free V/s Paid will be debating topic which will never end, again it depends on the requirement. The free applicaitons will be having their own limitations where as paid applications provide you the key requirement solutions.


These application include collection of data with customized forms.


A specific requirement will be helpful to give some more inputs.


Hope this helps.

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Mobile topographer definitely my favorite and "must be there" tool in my phone, What else could give you precise position calculation (in GPS phone context) except thru waypoint averaging (like you will find in recent garmin receiver) ? and this tool provide it, moreover it is also support calculation based on known accurate coordinate (triangulation reference, gps station etc), 

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as i know there are a lot of GIS app for Android platform.

it depends on your project's need and interesting.

you can get more ideas from Google playstore. :SuperSurv, WolfGIS, ArcGIS, PDF Maps...and so on.

those app could be an extremely convenient tool.

in my opinion, i prefer to using SuperSurv and PDF MAP.
I tested this on Field Survey and easily use, reliable GPS, stable signal, multitude of great features built into the app as well.


it's amaaaaazing app  smile.png

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