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Generate WMS GetFeatureInfo URL manually

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I am going to use wms getfeatureinfo to get information of a layer without any liberary..

In fact I am using Android and Could not find anything to do that for me,So I have to get information from a manually generated URL.

I have seen WMS refrence and could find requiered parameters to request from geoserver.Here is the refrence I tried to build an example url for a feature that is located in position of 

7547018.12374 -3645681.16486


ESPG 3857

 My layer name is Hazard:point_4326 and I set the bbox and height and width as 


but It gives me 

no features were found

 I think the problem is with setting bbox..Here is the url that I used,-2.00489661E7,2.002637639E7,2.00489661E7&width=767&height=768&query_layers=Hazard:point_4326&info_format=text%2Fplain&feature_count=50&x=0&y=0&exceptions=application%2Fvnd.ogc.se_xml

and this is working openlayer url

Can you please help me find out where I am doing wrong?thank you so much

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