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Check if Terrain Model has pyramids or data sources using ArcPy/Python?

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I've written a arcpy script that creates terrain datasets from LiDAR. After 18 hours it bombed.


Instead of starting the entire process over again, I want the script to pick up where is failed. How do I check, with arcpy/python, if a Terrain Dataset has pyramids? If it does, then how do I check if the Terrain Dataset has data sources already added to build the terrain? Basically, how do I access the Terrain Model Properties to check for... anything really... so that I can verify that they exist or not? 


This is a fairly simple process for just about every other kind of feature using code like Exists or Describe, but I have been unable to find any documentation on how to do this with a Terrain Dataset.



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The more I scour the web for a solution to this problem, the more I'm beginning to believe that this will not be solved with python alone but with the comtypes module and ArcObjects.


I know nothing about either.


If someone knows a good learning source, I'd appreciate it. Esri's ArcObjects Resource Center is not very helpful.

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