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Collector for ArcGIS

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Hi Folks,


Do you have any sufficient document, tutorial, training, lessons etc. about Collector of ArcGIS? OR


Could you please help me this if you know something? Especially offline editing..


Thanks in advance..

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what do you need to know about offline editing?.

Basically you need and arcgis online account. If you are using hosted service, you will have to added the hosted service layer to arcmap,

Create a local copy for edting and it is nornally in a folder on your local machine ...

C:\Users\Administrator\Documents\ArcGIS\FeatureServiceLocalEdits\DukuCapture\fs9FBD7E0D4132411C8432FC4C35F7A750.gdb (something like this).

you can work with it offline and once done,synchronize local edits with server


Hope this helps.

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