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Boxing Day 10 years ago

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In just over 24 hours 10 years ago the world learnt of one of the largest natural disasters in modern history.

Dr. Herman Fritz, a renowned tsunami expert who I have had the honour of meeting recently wrote the following news release




GIS is of course a huge part of the data used to help model.

Lets keep doing what we do.


To our GIS friends from Indonesia to Somalia, keep collecting data, modeling the data and most important, sharing the data so people like Dr. Fritz can develop the models further which in turn can help save more lives so that we never have wake up to that sort of news again.




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I still can feel the horror of what happened 10 years ago in Aceh Darussalam, Indonesia and other countries. Ten years have passed but the images of the dead lining up the streets of Banda Aceh are still vivid in my eyes.

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I went into Haiti 36 hours after the quake and I know what you mean by images.

They are still full color close ups when I shut my eyes. I ended up burning the clothes I had there as they smelt of death.

The difference was in 7 days I was back home in my warm bed and found some peace in a bottle of rum, 

For the victims of a natural disaster that is not an option. Survivor guilt and many other harrowing psychological issues ensue many years after.

Let hope that nothing on this magnitude ever happens again. Education is a key for tsunami survival.

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