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GIS 2go: New app for Offline access to ArcGIS maps from tablets

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With GIS 2go, Disy has developed a solution that allows GIS users to take their own maps along on a tablet (Android or iPad) or make them available to other users via the cloud. Instead of a laptop, users can take the handier and cheaper tablet with them to the field. Basic GIS functions, such as viewing, redlining and geometry editing, are now also available offline, so without an internet connection required.


Setting individual editing options

The new functions are available from now on to ArcGIS Desktop users. Disy has updated the add-in required to upload spatial data directly from the Desktop GIS onto the tablet. From add-in version 6.2.1, users can specify for each layer, whether and how objects should be edited in the mobile map. This means that in the export dialogue of the add-in, users will be able to choose between different options for offline editing and recording of objects in the mobile map: Wherever they are, the field staff can for example choose to export a layer, so that attribute data and media content may be added to its objects. Or they may decide to export the objects of a layer, so that they are only displayed on the mobile map, but cannot be edited. Users may also choose a setting that enables them to record new objects within a layer while on the go or allows them to change their geometry later on.


In order to use the add-in and its new editing features, the ArcGIS desktop users do not have to relearn their habits: The add-in supports the common ArcGIS data sources, such as Geodatabase, and uses the ArcGIS Desktop functionalities for the configuration of mobile land registers. This includes selection of lists through domains, definition of mandatory fields as well as show/hide and order of fields. The add-in generates a mobile map on the basis of this configuration, which means that the field staff can edit and complement the fields on current or new geometries while on the go. GIS2go thus ensures that objects will only be changed, saved or created, if all information furnished is accurate and complete. Moreover, GIS 2go’s key lists allow for data collection of higher quality and efficiency, automatically avoiding typing errors, for example. Back to the desktop workstation, ArcGIS Desktop will import all changes made in the field, and transfer the data directly to the Desktop map and thus to the database.


Unique solution for ArcGIS Desktop users

With GIS 2go add-in, Disy has created the world’s first mobile GIS app which allows users to easily save their ArcGIS Desktop maps to their tablets and use them offline or share them with other users. As software architects, Disy has once more designed a solution that perfectly reflects the customers’ requirements. The company will continually update GIS 2go by developing new features that meet and exceed the customers’ expectations.


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