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Question - Simple Classification ENVI 4.7/5.0

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Hi GIS Area,


I just made this account wondering if is anybody here could help me making a simple classification on high resolution satelite imagery (GeoEye). The problem is that the parameters in the software are not so clear for me, both, unsupervised and supervised, and I haven't found any conclusive solution on the web.


The methods I've tried are the K-mean, which gives me a highly fragmented image, and also ISOData, the parameters were all executed in the default, the only thing I did was to change classes from 5 to 3, or in the ISOData case, 3 or 4.


The supervised class. asks for a ROI and EVF file, which I searched on the internet and didn't understand what was going on with these files. What I did was to make some polygons in the ArcMAP 10.0 and did a supervised classification just there, again, with a very fragmented result.


I don't think it is a very hard situation, my objective here is just to divide the landscape into 2 or 3 main "clusters" which is pasture, forestry, and in some cases, water bodies (as is the case of the image posted in the topic) The softwares I have available are ENVI 4.7 and 5.0.


If someone could give me at least a hint or something like that, I would be really appreciate.


The satelite image is available for everyone in the google drive in the following link:






Raôni Zanovello

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