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Small tool for copy coordinate to clipboard

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Aloha guys!

I made a small script in Vba, for a simple work: click in ArcMap mapwindow, and copy the cursors coordinate to the clipboard. The main goal was that: create a simple button in ArcMap, and set the click event, to read the coordinate and put it on the clipboard in a specific format (formatted string).

the code is this:

'this two variable will contain the coordinates from the active mapwindow, but they only integers, so the original coordinates will be cutted to integer values
Dim x As Integer 
Dim y As Integer
'this string will contain the concatenated coordinate values, with a ";" sign
Dim koord As String

Dim pmxdoc As IMxDocument
Dim ppoint As IPoint

Public Sub minta_MouseDown(ByVal Button As Long, ByVal Shift As Long, ByVal x As Long, ByVal y As Long)

Set xy = New DataObject
Set pmxdoc = ThisDocument
Set ppoint = pmxdoc.CurrentLocation
x = ppoint.x
y = ppoint.y

'this message box will drop a small message, it's a sign, show the read coordinates
MsgBox "x: " & x & "; y: " & y, vbSystemModal

'the string variable will be the concatenated coordinates
koord = x & "; " & y
xy.SetText koord

'the string copied to the clipboard, now ready ta paste:)
End Sub

This small code was made by ArcObject book, a similar code read the coordinates of the mouse cursor, but i wrote some code to copy it to clipboard. This code was written to the Normal.mxt, so i can use it all projects.

I made a button, tools menu > customize > new uicontrol button > new uitoolcontrol, and i selected a new icon for the button: don't close the customize window, click on new button by right mouse button, and select a new icon. Then right click > view source. You can copy the code to tha mousedown event.

I thought, maybe anyone can use it:)


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