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Open source for WMS:

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Hi veegee,

There is a good choice of Open Source WMS servers:

- MapServer

- GeoServer

- Quantum GIS [Map]Server (relatively new)

I mainly use MapServer.  It's relatively straight forward to set up and configuration is done through a .map file.  The p.mapper website has an online example which is driven by MapServer behind the scenes.  

Hope that helps,

Kind regards,


Peter Wells

Faunalia UK


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Could you specify what type of data are you usually moving via Erdas Apollo?

Alternative, I'd suggest using LandViewer. There are already ready-made tools for obtaining multispectral indices, flexible processing of data on AOI, elementary clustering, using a raster calculator, visualization of scenes in 3D using digital elevation models, changes in territories based on multi-temporal multispectral analysis, as well as creating ready-made animations of changes in terrain and so much more.

You may use THIS guide to help you add WMS layer via LandViewer.

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