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Found 1 result

  1. Dear friends, I have two data sets; 1). village information of water quality analysis 2). animal farming details(breeds of animals- like Chicken, Hen, Cattles) Requirement: i). Put graphs with values (histogram/bar chart) in the maps. ii). Multiple attribute information for animals details for each village. Need clarifications for the following: 1. For bar chart/ histogram is it possible to put the values on the graph on respective administrative boundary? 2. Is it possible to show multiple values of graphs at once like pH, Hardness, Potability and chlorine, Iron, Nitrogen and Manganese Contents. 3. Have tried with arcgis 10.3 for the same, didn't get values in the graphs. Any other method/way to get values will be helpful. Or any other software which can help to get these desired results? 4. For animals information for each village how can i add multiple attributes to the information when the details are provided in different columns. Thanks for the valuable inputs and precious time in advance.
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