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Found 2 results

  1. I have two shapefiles. First of them, there is about 115 000 points (clients and their field size) All together there is about 16 226 different clients. In the other shapefile I have calculated the median point for all the clients. Now, I want to calculate the distance from each client field to its corresponding median point. Doing it one by one takes a lot of time. I tried to use Generate Near Table tool but it takes account other clients mean centers too, because some are near to each other. I need to classify source points by client number, but no distance tool have case field option to do this. How this process should look like in Model Builder? I know that i must use iterators but witch ones? I tried to do different things but I still get wrong results. Can someone help me?
  2. Hi I am trying to build a simple model using an interator (Interate feature classes) and I want to set 2 (or more) wildcard conditions. For example: to restrict interation over input names starting with a or b or c. I try the following syntax: a* or b* or c*, but didn't work (I try also a*,b*,c*) Can anyone help?
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