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  1. Applications of Geographical Information System (GIS) in Civil Engineering Objectives Relevant Blog websites References Introduction GIS applications in civil engineering Landslide hazard zonation Site selection for solid waste disposal Site selection for groundwater potential zones Hurricane wind Analysis Transportation analysis Relevant Blog websites http://www.gisblog.com http://www.gis-blog.com http://gisfolio.blogspot.com http://opensourcegisblog.blogspot.com http://www.birdseyeviewgis.com http://canadiangis.com http://www.gisarea.com/ Introduction Geographic Information System (GIS) is the new area with diversified applications in Civil Engineering, Geosciences, Forestry, Disaster mitigation, Environment and Ecology, Infrastructure planning, Utility mapping, Business, Mobile mapping, Information Technology and in many more fields. Since nearly 80% of the real world data are spatial in nature, GIS technology has been popularized overwhelmingly. It is not overestimation that GIS will be used in day to day life within next decade. Already developed countries use GIS widely and it will be used in day to day activities in developing countries also in near future. CIVIL ENGINEERING APPLICATIONS Ø Landslide hazard zonation Ø Site selection for solid waste disposal Ø Site selection for groundwater potential zones Ø Earthquake probability Analysis Ø Hurricane wind Analysis Ø Transportation analysis Ø Natural Hazard Assessment Ø Target Site Selection Ø Landfill Site Selection Ø Mineral mapping Ø Pollution Monitoring Ø Urban Development Ø Watershed Analysis Ø The following Figure shows the zones for groundwater exploration The following Figure shows the classified map for various crops of parts of PAP project. Site selection for solid waste disposal Site selection for solid waste disposal for Coimbatore was carried out in GIS and shown in following Figure. Urban development has brought forth several maladies and suffering to human kind, besides bringing economic and cultural development in its fold. Due to pressure of urbanization most of the cities are growing and some times they develop beyond the planned limits. Generally the unplanned area of the city contains a quarter of the total population where the spatial information is missing. At present no efficient system is available for solid waste management in Coimbatore Corporation, though the corporation administration now taking a few steps to manage the solid wastes. In this direction, an attempt has been made to optimize the route and also finding a favorable site for disposal of solid wastes using GIS & GPS for Coimbatore Corporation. LANDSLIDE HAZARD ZONATION Several different themes like land use, drainage, soil and outcrop, lineament, slope, etc. were obtained and weightages were assigned to each theme. Based on weightages assigned, the entire study area is divided into 5 classes [Very High, High, Moderate, Low and very Low]. From the map obtained by weighted overlay and the arithmetic overlay map, the Landslide Hazard Zonation (LHZ) is thus created. The road network map is overlaid with slope and land use map to identify sites, where mitigation works to be taken on priority basis. Conclusion: After studying the applications of GIS in civil engineering the conclusion was that GIS software is very helpful in civil engineering. Without GIS it will be very difficult and time taking process for us to select a site for any task. E.g. selecting a vehicles routing with the help of GIS software is easier and less time taking process as compare to doing it manually. Similarly in watersheds it has many applications i.e. determining the floods zones, the probability of low-flow events and estimating the magnitude of high-flow events. In short GIS software has an important role in civil engineering and without this it will be difficult for a civil engineering to do the tasks like finding the probability of hurricanes. References www.esri.com/library/brochures/pdfs/gis-sols-for-civil-engineering.pdf https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Civil_engineering www.slideshare.net/amalcvarghese/gis-application-in-civil-engineering https://www.scribd.com/doc/99493218/Application-of-Remote-Sensing-and-Gis-in-Civil-Engineering http://gis.stackexchange.com/questions/56825/using-gis-in-civil-engineering-construction-field https://en.wikiversity.org/wiki/Basics_of_civil_engineering www.slideshare.net/rpundlik111/gis-and-gps-applications-in-civil-engg ftp://urban.gis.unlv.edu/haroon/classes/...668_Intro2GIS/.../Lecture11.pdf www.engr.uky.edu/.../GIS%20applications%20in%20CE%20-%20Eric.ppt http://www.powershow.com/view/6cedcMTc5Z/GIS_Applications_in_Civil_Engineering_Carolyn_J_Merry_Dept_of_Civil_powerpoint_ppt_presentation http://ajolma.net/files/Lectures/Geospatial%20computing%20in%20civil%20engineering.ppt https://www.ndsu.edu/ce/civil_engineering/ce_subfields www.ncsu.edu/midlink/gis/joseph.htm https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Geomatics_engineering www.civil.iitb.ac.in/...%20GIS%204%20WRM.../GIS%20Lecture-1_GIS http://gis.stackexchange.com/questions/18526/gis-applications-used-in-civil-engineering-sources-for-acquiring-more-gis-know http://cenews.com/article/6147/q&a__opportunities_for_gis_in_civil_engineering www.slideshare.net/amalcvarghese/gis-application-in-civil-engineering http://www.aboutcivil.org/answers/1094/what-are-the-requirements-of-gis https://www.gis.fhwa.dot.gov/documents/climate_change_report_aug2011.pdf
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