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  1. I think you should convert your contour files to DEM, and then compare the DEM. If you're georeferrencing is of good qualify, you may substract one DEM from another to study their diffence. You can also compute univariate statistics on your DEMs
  2. I've read in several papers that in order to do a better land cover / land use identification with Landsat images, it is better to project them on a DEM and ortorectificate then. When I read the Landsat 8 images specifications, I see that they are already ortherectified. So my question is : do I need to do this step, or can I use Landsat image "as is" ? Would the response be different for Landsat 5/7 and Landsat 8 ? Thanks in advance. I
  3. Bonjour tout le monde, Je fais un mastère en écologie au Brésil mais je suis français, originaire de Lille. Sympa ce petit forum.
  4. I've just seen I posted in the wrong section, maybe a moderator could move my post ...
  5. Hello everyone. I have a problem these days that I don't manage to solve by myself. I need to convert a heavy contour file to a detailed raster image. The contour was generated from Lidar data (resolution 1m or 5m) and the area is about 1000 km^2. The objective is to generate a raster with a 10 m resolution using the Top to raster tool. For about 50 km^2 there is no problem at all and the computation quite fast. But for the entire dataset, it is just "impossible". I do not need more memory or CPU. Just Arcgis who is crashing every time. I think I would have to split my data.
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