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  1. Hello friends I am having a problem. How do we calculate the Atmospheric water vapour content? I found some algo in paper by "Estimation of the Total Atmospheric Water Vapor Content and Land Surface Temperature Based on AATSR Thermal Data Tangtang Zhang 1, Jun Wen 1,*, Rogier van der Velde 2, Xianhong Meng 1, Zhenchao Li 1, Yuanyong Liu 1 and Rong Liu 1" Please help asap
  2. Hey everyone, While calculation emissivity from NDVI index using Sobrino's method, it is clear what we have to do when NDVI is greater than 0.2. But when NDVI is less than 0.2, we are given an equation a + b®. where a and b are regression coefficients and R is the reflectivity. R can be calculated easily. How do we estimate or select the values of a and b? My project area also has water body which has a negative NDVI value. Please help!
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